Facebook: My Bad Habit

I’m a recent college graduate. Not only did I obtain my bachelor’s in English, but I also obtained a Master’s in Procrastination. Every college graduate has one, I’m nothing special.

Unfortunately, my career in Procrastination is just beginning. It pops up in different forms: cleaning my house, procrastibaking (my personal favorite), checking Facebook and Reddit, and playing a game on my phone.
Procrastination is supposedly our reaction to pain. Yes, pain.

Think of an action you’ve been avoiding. It could be any of the examples we’ve given or something that’s specific to your life. Imagine yourself starting to take that action. You’re going to feel something unpleasant. Concentrate on what you feel.

No matter what you call it, that unpleasant feeling is a kind of pain. Under this broad definition, fear, shame, vulnerability, and so on are all forms of pain.

Procrastination is our reaction to this pain, this fear, and retreating to our comfort zone.
I’ve been out of my comfort zone for a little over a month now. I haven’t had a set schedule of classes or work. And I’m trying to get back into a work schedule, but my procrastination habits are rearing their ugly heads once again.

I’m combating one comfort zone today: Facebook. Especially on my cell phone.
I’ve faced this habit many times. I’ve deleted the app off of my phone several times. Why do I keep downloading it again?
Well, Facebook is kind of handy sometimes. But at other times, it’s very annoying and detrimental to me accomplishing tasks.

Here is my goal: To keep the Facebook app off of my phone for the next week.
Here are my intended outcomes: Gain at least an hour a day, where I can spend it on reading, writing, and applying to jobs, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I will face this discomfort, this fear, slowly but surely.

What is your comfort zone? What things do you do when you’re experiencing that discomfort of facing a new challenge?


One thought on “Facebook: My Bad Habit

  1. Deleting Facebook off my phone saved me a ton of time. Haven’t had it installed since New Year’s 2014 (was a resolution I actually kept). It’s so easy to fall into the comforts of procrastination. If anyone finds the magic potion for it, they’d be rich.

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