Oh hello there

A few things have changed since my last post!

1. I graduated college. Yay!
2. I moved to a new city. Yay!
3. I’ve began searching for a job. Yay!
4. I turned 24. Yay!

Graduating college was surreal. I felt like I wasn’t really there for the ceremony. I was also apprehensive as I hadn’t gotten all of my grades back yet. Until I had all of my grades on my transcript, I wasn’t officially done with school.
Needless to say, I made all B’s.
Two days after the ceremony, one day after we threw a fantastic going-away/graduation party, we had movers come and pack up everything into a truck.
It was very bittersweet.
But now, I am finally living in a city that I’ve wanted to live in my entire life: Atlanta.
There’s many reasons for this.
Outside of Atlanta, Macon, or Savannah, there isn’t much to do. I grew up an hour away from Atlanta, so it was the cool place to go for shopping or going to shows.
Luckily, I went to college in Savannah. It was a brand-new city to me, with a fantastic community-based downtown with a thriving art, bar and outdoor scene. Needless to say, it’s the best city to go to college in.
Unfortunately, Savannah is lacking in some aspects. While it is very small-business friendly, it lacks larger businesses that are tech-based. There are a few, and of course I can’t forget Gulfstream Aerospace in Pooler (a small city outside of Savannah).
Regardless, Atlanta is the top city to be in, in Georgia.
I’m hopeful that I’ll find the right job match soon. I’m excited to get my career started! I want to pay off my student loan debt and buy a house and go on a trip this summer. And somewhere along the way, become an adult (maybe).

-From a new city, but the same Katie


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