Minimum wage hike: good or bad idea?

The American public and Congress are already divided over this issue.
Many politicians against a wage raise say that it could actually hurt the economy, instead of helping it.
Others say that a raise will have the opposite effect, by pumping more money into workers pockets and therefore the economy.
Most people make up their mind about a debate like this by reading news online. Others look up statistics. Most of us just listen to what the political party we like best is saying.
Where are some of these politicians getting their information?
It’s most likely from the Employment Policies Institute. This is a non-profit organization.
However, one of their prime backers “is a public relations firm that also represents the restaurant industry.”
Waiters and waitresses work in restaurants. Guess how much they get paid? $2.13 an hour.
The proposed minimum wage hike is set at $10.10 an hour.
Obviously, all of the data that this non-profit collects is going to be biased.
In the NY Times article, the reporter reveals this important information.
Please read it here.
Be informed about where your information is coming from.
You can never know too much.


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