Snowpacalypse, Georgia-style.

When it snows in Georgia, everything comes to a stop. The only thing that remained open here in Savannah was Wal-mart (do they close, ever?), Waffle House and Starbucks. 

Schools, daycare centers, and small businesses all shut their doors, because all of their customers did the exact same thing. The City Manager and Governor warned all Georgia citizens to stay indoors and not to drive for anything less than a dire emergency. 

Regardless of these warnings, on Tuesday Atlanta experienced their normal traffic conditions, plus a couple handfuls of ice and snow. What happened when all of the schools and businesses were let out at the same time was unbelievable gridlock, an untold amount of traffic accidents, and many angry people just wanting to get home. 

Governor Deal said yesterday that he didn’t want to play the “blame game,” but today he accepted full responsibility for the chaos and confusion. Poor guy. 

It’s not entirely his fault, though. Us Georgians should have been more prepared for the ice. Businesses should have let their employees go a little earlier. Either way, these words aren’t going to fix anything. What needs to happen now is that we learn from these mistakes, stay home when a winter storm is coming, and be nice to the stuck drivers (like many Atlantians did). 


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