Obama talks about raising the minimum wage, again.

President Obama is hitting the road on a three-week campaign “to persuade people to sign up for health insurance on what he described as a vastly improved Healthcare.gov website,” quoted from the article in the Wall Street Journal

Republicans are accusing him of changing the subject instead of addressing concerns. Obama spoke tonight in “one of the capital’s most struggling neighborhoods to talk about the economy, not simply to divert attention from the troubles of his Affordable Care Act, but to explain how that law, for all of its flaws, fits into his vision for Americans’ economic security and upward mobility,” it said in the corresponding Times article. 

Both articles covered Obama’s  speech that he gave tonight, and what he’ll be addressing during his campaign. But both were very different. The Times was a two-webpage affair, filled with words leaning oh so close to opinions and biases. The author could have used different language and tone to not make her news story, on the front of their webpage, sound like an opinion piece. 

The Journal piece was around 650 words, a perfect medium in between the super-long stories and the short, short pieces that are typically found on the Journal’s website. 

The Journal article accomplished the same goal that the Times piece did, but with fewer unnecessary words and less opinionated words. 

“President Barack Obama, seeking to renew focus on the economy after months of mostly bad news about the health-law rollout, said Wednesday that growing income inequality is harming the U.S. economy and called on Congress to increase the minimum wage,” begins the Journal article. 

One of the topics Obama will be addressing is raising the minimum wage. 

The reporters of the Journal wrote, “Liberal groups and many Democrats in Congress have long sought measures to address income inequality and pushed for an increase in the minimum wage. Mr. Obama used his 2013 State of the Union address to urge Congress to increase the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour and index it to inflation. The proposal hasn’t gained traction.”

And in the Times: “Mr. Obama drew some of his biggest applause when he renewed his call for what he sees as a small but crucial step — an increase in the federal minimum wage, which at $7.25 an hour, is lower than the minimum in a growing number of states. He and other supporters say an increase would also help those workers earning just above the minimum wage by creating pressure to increase their pay, and in turn spur more spending and economic growth.”

But this is the quote that has the most impact for all Americans: “Mr. Obama’s push is timed, in part, to help Senate Democrats pass a measure that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 in three stages over two years, raise the separate minimum wage for tipped workers and peg both to rise with inflation,” as quoted from the Times. 

This quote is on the second page, lower portion of the article. This quote should have been included at the top. I understand the need to keep your readers reading your article, but the information is so crucial that it should be included somewhere in the beginning. 

Regardless of political factions, the points that Obama will be talking about in the upcoming weeks can have a huge impact on all of Americans. 


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