New Semester, new posts!

Hello again readers. My summer was like any other student’s summer: a 5-week course of Pre-Calculus (passed!), watching Game of Thrones, working, and going to the local beach. One unique experience I had was being stung by a jellyfish the day before Fall semester started…that was not too fun.
I’m back to school now, which means less Game of Thrones and more reading, blogging, programming, and writing. This WordPress blog is going to be dedicated to comparing pieces of news articles written by the great New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This is being done to satisfy a requirement for a Journalism class.
I am a regular reader of the NY Times and other news conglomerate websites.  I consider myself knowledgeable about what is going on in the world around me. These blog posts will not be opportunities for me to flout my opinion onto a web page, but rather a careful analysis of the following:
“1) Evidence of story’s impact on citizens
2) Evidence of monitoring power and offering voice to the voiceless
3) What’s missing in the story or article?
4) How does the information differ between various media?
5) Include how much time/space is devoted to story
6) Evidence of independence from factions (or dependence on factions)
7) Can you find the truth of the story? What is it?”

Quoted straight from my syllabus.
My purpose is to hopefully find these characteristics in interesting news articles. These articles will not be negative or depressing. Reading the news should be enlightening and informative.



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