Saturday Morning at the Farmer’s Market


The Farmer’s Market at Forsyth Park is back for the upcoming spring season! This was my first time attending. I’d been to a farmer’s market before so I had a general idea of what to expect; the organic produce, a lady selling flowers, and the signs informing buyers of the slightly higher prices. It’s a totally different world than Walmart. There’s no plastic or wax covering these vegetables, nor are the flowers artificially colored. 


 This is how people bought their food for hundreds of years. Customers interacted with the vendors, interacting with the people who sold their food and haggled over prices. People saw their friends and family, and met new people. What do you get when you go to Walmart? A lot of plastic and vegetables covered in wax, periodically misted with sprayers. Consumers have no idea where this food was grown. Most likely, from hundreds or thousand miles away. At the farmer’s market, I can meet the grower and support the local economy. 




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