Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

If your house was burning down, what 5 things would you grab (assuming all people and animals are safe)?

I would grab the following:

  1. My laptop-all of my school work and pictures are on it! plus I have to Reddit!
  2. My birthday cards- I turned 22 a few weeks ago, and they were from my family and boyfriend.
  3. My pillow-because it’s very comfortable, and the slip is hand embroidered by my aunt.
  4. Some of my favorite clothes and shoes-that peach dress I wore to a friend’s wedding, those comfortable black boots, and that one sweater I look  fabulous in (at least I think so!)
  5. Lastly, my Calvin & Hobbes books. Bill Watterson’s comics are hilarious, philosophic, and are books that I want to re-read over and over.

What would you grab?


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